I want to discuss the why of QFAZE, and in order to do so I want to talk about an article from earlier this year written by George Monbiot called The Impossibility of Growth  published in the Guardian 28th May 2014.

Here is a quote…

“Ignore if you must climate change, biodiversity collapse, the depletion of water, soil, minerals, oil; even if all these issues were miraculously to vanish, the mathematics of compound growth make continuity impossible”.

This is the element that all of humanity seems to be ignoring, our future, our families, everything is in danger of the fact that we as people have a very hard time grasping concepts that aren’t linear. Exponential growth is breaking the horses back and it is going to make resources (not just those described above) so incredibly scarce, that we have failed to prepare ourselves.

QFAZE is a trajectory for preparing your awareness to the fact that there will be no technological solutions or salvations to save the world you have grown accustomed to. The only solutions are the ones we make ourselves, out of ourselves by creating the mindsets for personal psychological and physiological innovation. You are going to have to become exponential now, in order to be ahead of the curve that is coming. Are you a fast runner or intimidated by ugly faces, you can’t afford to be uncertain in a guaranteed uncertain tomorrow. Monbiot continues…

“The trajectory of compound growth shows that the scouring of the planet has only just begun…

Some people try to solve the impossible equation with the myth of dematerialisation: the claim that as processes become more efficient and gadgets are miniaturised, we use, in aggregate, fewer materials. There is no sign that this is happening. Iron ore production has risen 180% in ten years. The trade body Forest Industries tell us that “global paper consumption is at a record high level and it will continue to grow.” If, in the digital age, we won’t reduce even our consumption of paper, what hope is there for other commodities?

… the inevitabilities of compound growth mean that if last year’s predicted global growth rate for 2014 (3.1%) is sustained, even if we were miraculously to reduce the consumption of raw materials by 90% we delay the inevitable by just 75 years. Efficiency solves nothing while growth continues.

Knowing this is key to realizing we will never be able to stop population expansion, and that efficient manufacturing and consumerism is just a potential delaying process, but against the overwhelming odds of numbers that are being forced upon us, it is up to you to know how to manage your new life. Do you need physical upgrades (how are you going to afford them) or begin to investigate life extension, there are a great many transhumanist ideals for the pondering, but unless you have truly QFAZED, meaning that you understand you are the sole source for your success, that you have reconnected with your survival instincts, that you may need to become Post-human to thrive, are you ready? I want to share this last bit from Monbiot because it really is an indication of how lost we are as a people.

The inescapable failure of a society built upon growth and its destruction of the Earth’s living systems are the overwhelming facts of our existence. As a result they are mentioned almost nowhere. They are the 21st Century’s great taboo, the subjects guaranteed to alienate your friends and neighbours. We live as if trapped inside a Sunday supplement: obsessed with fame, fashion and the three dreary staples of middle class conversation: recipes, renovations and resorts. Anything but the topic that demands our attention.

The new frontier is upon, get ready.

Be The Technology