The Rules are written by others. – Buckminster Fuller

Rules exist so everyone gets the same results; but what if following the rules hasn’t gotten you very far, and what if the rule makers are exempt? Do you feel that your life is following someone else’s path? The power structures in place seem to be making decisions that take more from our lives daily.

The universe has no rules, only laws and all of those were made to be broken. People are working harder and longer today than ever before without the benefit of that labor. Who is the beneficiary of all this work? Do you know them? Is it the greater good?

Would you like to know that if the universe were to suddenly rip apart, you would be fine?
Are we talking about a revolution or an evolution? Neither. Are you required to live “off the grid” or out of the mainstream? No way!

We are suggesting that you tell each other about new connections to the psycho/physical world; that you are no longer vulnerable to the forces of man, to the whims of bosses, legislators and politicians.

You can learn how to thrive and succeed in this new NOW. You are interfacing with a new phase of your life, a new phase of awareness, the QFAZE, a quantum shift of the human expression throughout the cosmos.

QFaze – is a term which refers to the point where you will control matter at the sub-atomic level, this means that the forces of nature will be our technology. As we delve deeper into understanding the Quantum nature of matter; Superposition, Entanglement, Teleportation, Plasticity, we need to develop a mindset that can utilize these concepts advantageously. This Quantum technology will whimsically transform matter from one form to another instantaneously by thought and process alone.

All reality will have the properties and characteristics associated with magic; and with all new technology, new paradigms in social-cultural developments occur. A byproduct of this technical capacity is its Art which is presented here on

Quanticons – In the soon to be future where Qfaze technology exists, our current language is inadequate, QFaze requires a new mode of language to express, communicate, and to code reality. Quanticons (Quantum Iconographs) are a symbol system that integrates universal archetypes while at the same time abstracting these complex thought structures. When we think in a quantum capacity our NOW expands, integrating what we think is our past and future; amplifying who you were and who you will be, including your metaphysical potentials. Quanticons are a simplified byproduct of Quantum Physics, Psychology and Art, an evolution in dynamic thought. Its function is to handle the complexity of life and alter it.

The role of QFaze and the Quanticons – The role of is to introduce the Quanticons to the public NOW! The language of Quantum Iconography, when contemplated can alter your present thought structure. Through the study of Quantum Iconography, the symbolism will connect to unconscious patterns and realign the observer with power; which is unperceived but always there – mastery of instinct and intuition via intellect. It creates individuality without having to go through a life “crisis”. The Quanticons allow the transformation of life without ignoring the unconscious mind, which can lead to catastrophe. It is the tool to transform your thoughts at your own pace with elegance and determination. It creates Humanity with quantum perception. We will have the ability to hear the universe speak, and respond back; immersion with the fabric of everything.

Self-Control, as you step into the unknown.

Be The Technology.