From the place you’re in, to where a song takes you, to the feelings that stir inside when the next chord sounds…  RyIm’s music sets the stage, tells a story and takes you from where you are to a place where thought provoking melodies and flowing rhythms become your surroundings…  A place where time seems […]

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MoverUnmoved Solo logo

MoverUnmoved is a dynamic sonic entity spit from the loins of the universe and manifested into physical form in the year of our quantum 1976.  MU spent years as a theory and instrumental instructor. During the late 90’s, MU experienced a new musical realm in the underground electronic dance scene. During years of translating sound […]

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Only the best bits and bytes, hand chosen and carefully cooled and frosted into rock hard icy goodness. bitCHiller chills the bits to make the beats.   bitChiller is a New York City based producer who specializes in thematic experiences that range from minimalism to gutter rock.   We always state at QFAZE to be the […]

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Tirso:Beyond the Sound

Instrument collage traveller w logo final

Tirso: Beyond The Sound is a New York City based producer living and dreaming unique and clever sonic machinations that range from Ambient to Hip-Hop and has a flavor for Nu Jazz swag. When I Listen to Tirso, I always imagine myself in the nightclub of the future;  a place of energy and intelligence.  Without […]

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Helix Final300dpi

Helix is a mixer… He’ll slam the most interesting selections together and do really ill drops. Knows how to pump a crowd. So make it nice and loud! Reload Century (Helix Mash-Up) ….. Let The Zeus ( Helix Mash-Up ) ….. Flamenco Mammoth ( Helix Mash-Up ) ….. Lunary After Dark ( Helix Mash-Up )

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